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The SLIM CHARGER is a state-of-the-art lead acid battery charger that makes all the other chargers obsolete.  Simple to use, the Red LED indicates the charger is operating and the Green LED indicates the battery is 100% charged.  Each model has 6 ft. AC cord and 6 ft. DC output cord.

This is the only charger you will need for:
  • Automobile
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat
  • Scooter
  • RV
  • Tractor
  • Generator
More than one-half million in use by satisfied customers.
The SLIM CHARGER can be used as an overnight charger or battery maintainer.  Our charger will not cook, overheat, or over charge your battery and maintains a full charge unattended.  When the battery is fully charged the SLIM CHARGER automatically reduces the charge rate to 10mA to prevent over charging.  Select a SLIM CHARGER from list of available models. 

To properly charge a battery, the charger has to be capable of taking a battery through three charge stages.   The first stage is a bulk charge stage in which the charger supplies a majority of the power to the battery until it reaches termination voltage.  During the second stage the termination voltage has to be high enough to fully charge the battery and remain at that constant termination voltage for an hour to destratify the electrolyte and return it to a set level of specific gravity.  Finally, in the third stage, the charger goes into a standby mode that keeps a battery fully charged without over charge.   

Advanced solid state circuitry make the charger light and compact.




Rugged anodized

aluminum extruded





Dimensions: 2"H x 5"L x 3.6"W

Weight: 2.5 lb.

Constant current charging: 3A

ETL/UL listed for: USA & Canada 




                                        Made in the USA.