Battery Savers and Chargers

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(The Macrostart is time (not voltage or current) dependent. Therefore, the ON-Time period of the start winding will increase if the line voltage is low and conversely will decrease if the line voltage is high-- an excellent feature in both switch and motor protection.)

(The Macrostart can be submerged in oil for sump and submersible pump applications.)

10. Replacement for KB and Potter-Brumfield Relays

Applications for the MacroStart

5. 208 VAC Motors

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3. Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run Motors

6. Dual Rotation Motors in Reversing Applications

9. Low Line Voltage Applications

(If start winding is center taped, or in other words, only sees 115VAC, use the 115VAC Macrostart.)

1. Split-Phase Motors

(Macrostart must be rated for 230 VAC in this appplication if using a 230 VAC line.)

2. Capacitor Start Motors

7. Sump and Submersible Pump Motors

(By interrupting power and reversing the start or main winding, the motor will reverse. To achieve optimal switching, disconnect Terminal 3 of the Macrostart from any winding or power, then reconnect when power is applied)

4. Dual Voltage Motors

(Use the 230VAC Macrostart. Note: The On-time period of the start winding will increase approximately 10%.)

(Only when a resistor is in series (between the start capacitor and terminal 2 of the Macrostart) Resitor values must be 5 Ohms and 50-150Watts.)

8. 3-Phase Motor Conversion to Single-Phase Motor